Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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I just remembered that this blog was for myself more than others. I see so many brilliant things every day, some less important than the others. I record, I remember. If I want to remember, I must record. Hence.
Now the sharing bit, that’s where it becomes a job and I become lazy. But I want to be selfish and do it for myself. Hence.


College has been crazy lately. I have been losing and finding myself in new ways yet again. I met the president of India recently. (I didn’t really meet him this time, but it just sounds cool) I sang for him. But because of the president, I got to go to the Vigyan Bhawan. With a red pleatfarm sandstone facade, scientific exterior lighting, a mockery of a chaitya hall entrance, architecture was talking, yet again. And I was listening.


Old Delhi has become our weekend home. Seminar 2012 takes us there. We take the Delhi Metro and always record our departure from the metro station and arrival into Shahjahanabad. I find escalators to be wonderful here. I love them everywhere actually, the way they transform our perception. 


An exciting art project starts at Khan market tomorrow!

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